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Together For All

Youth and Politics

Contact person:

Michel Scholer

An overview of the project


The idea behind the project is to work together with pupils in order to encourage them to take an interest in politics and to get engaged with contemporary issues. To convey that message we organise in-class workshops and presentations on the refugee crisis, because it is a topical issue and we already have personal experiences and expertise in that area.


Many studies show that adolescents take less and less of an interest in politics. However, we are convinced that such an interest is absolutely essential for a functioning democracy. Because we are students ourselves, we think that we can reach out to adolescents much easier than seasoned politicians.

How you can help

If you're a teacher yourself or know one, then tell them of our project so that we can visit as many schools as possible. But our project should not be restricted to schools only. If you are participating in a youth association, then send us an e-mail to and we will reply as quickly as possible to set up a presentation.

Some numbers on the project

We have visited  9 schools so far: the Lycée Belval, the Atheneum Luxembourg, the Lycée Michel Rodange, the Lycée des Garçons Luxembourg, the Lycée Robert Schuman, the Lycée Technique Mathias Adam, the Lycée Technique Michel Lucius, the Lycée Hubert Clement and the Neie Lycée in Mersch.

Our presentation has been delivered to over 1400 students, of which over 600 at the Lycée Hubert Clement alone. This school year, we've been able to visit more than three times the number of students we visited in the previous academic year.

We are always talking to schools to organise further presentations, so we can ignite even more students' interest in politics. If you are a professor yourself, you can always contact us to organise a presentation in your school - whether in a classroom or a bigger room. 

You can either watch the Power-Point slides of the presentation here below or download them via the button on the right. The slides are always from the last presentation. That is why it is possible that they are not always precisely up-to-date, because they're only updated before a new presentation.

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