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Together For All

September 2015: “Clothing drive for refugees”


9 containers were filled with clothes. The equivalent of that would be 2000 supermarket trolleys.


217 volunteers have contributed to the effort, which would have been enough to fill 1 Airbus A320.


All donations weighted 40 tons, the same as 57 Limousin cattle.


800 donators have supported our cause. This amount could form a human chain as long as La Rambla in Barcelona.

Since Germany in particular had been overwhelmed by the amount of refugees and since solidarity should not be limited to national borders, we decided to start a toy and clothing drive and distribute the donations to different refugee centers in the Grand Region, mainly in Luxembourg and Trier. In 2 weeks we collected, sorted and delivered the clothes to different refugee centers.

In total, we conducted two drives, collecting 40 tons of clothes, which were then sorted by 217 volunteers. 107 boxes were delivered to a refugee centre in Weilerbach, whereas over 1000 boxes were brought to a centre in Trier The rest of the donations is ready to be brought to further centres.

In june 2016, Michel and Amandine received an honorary medal from the Grand-Duke for this collection of clothes, representative for all the volunteers helping during the refugee crisis.

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