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Together For All

Partnership - Corporations

As a corporation, there are many different ways in which you can support our foundation: from financial, to organisational and material help. You can find more details about the various forms of cooperation that we can imagine below. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

First, it is possible for a corporation to become a permanent member in our foundation. By paying a yearly contribution of 250€ a representative of your corporation receives a right to vote at our yearly General Meeting, as well as the right to suggest new projects. Compared to material help (more on this below) this should be seen as a lengthier and permanent cooperation between the association and the corporation. Just get in touch via e-mail if you require more information!
If you want to support a specific project of our association, you can also make a financial donation specific to one cause. Our bank details can be found here and below you can make a direct donation via credit card or via PayPal.
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Depending on which industry your corporation belongs to, you can help implementing our projects with material help. Of course this depends on what kind of support we need for our current projects. For example, as part of our project "Youth and Politics" we require help finding a room and preparing the dinner. If you think that your corporation can help us in such a way with one of our projects, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Partnership - Associations

We are happy about any opportunity for working together with other associations and ready to consider any suggestions for putting into practice projects that conform with our objectives. Furthermore, we welcome all associations that offer help with implementing our projects. No matter how you think that your association can contribute to achieving our objectives, please get in touch with our president, Michel Scholer, or with our Director-General, Amandine Rafael.  

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