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Together For All

Our projects

Clothing drive - 1. collection

We want to thank all the volunteers who supported us so spontaneously during our first drive on September 5th 2015. Here you can see the volunteers at the railway station in Bascharage. A top team!

Clothing drive - 1. collection

To guarantee the transportation between the collection points and the warehouses we received the support of two companies: Manuel Cardoso and Happy Snacks. Each one of them allocated one lorry to our drive. For this important act, we once again want to thank both companies.

Clothing drive - 2. collection

Another big thank you needs to go to the volunteers who helped us to put all the donations into containers on our second clothing drive in Windhof on September 12th. Although working for many hours was exhausting, it was a remarkable effort and, in the end, a great day!

Clothing drive - sorting

The fourth day, we were again able to fill up many boxes for the Weilerbach centre. In total, we delivered 107 boxes to the refugee centre after only one week.

Clothing drive - Sorting

The third day of sorting, the Minister for Integration Mrs Corinne Cahen and MP Max Hahn came to visit us. Throughout the project, they were always ready to help us out with organisational problems, such as the distribution of the boxes to the refugee centre in Weilerbach.

Clothin drive - sorting

At the end of the first week, we had to clean the basement to start the second sorting week in an organised manner.

Clothing drive - Weilerbach

A week after the first drive, we were able to transport 107 boxes to the refugee camp in Weilerbach, where we first met Narin, the girl after which we named this association. Her love of life and optimism, despite all the terrible things she experienced, was contagious.

Clothing drive - Weilerbach

Here you can see Michel with two of the most valiant volunteers and three children who found a new home at Weilerbach after fleeing the civil war in Syria.


5 weeks after the start of our clothing drive, we delivered over 1100 boxes filled with clothes, drugs and toys to Trier in a new refugee centre. What a success!


In Trier volunteers then helped to unload the boxes as quickly as possible and store them according to a system.

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