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Together For All


What are your donations used for?

All donations are used for our next project, except if all costs are alreadycovered. Our association consists exclusively of volunteers, which means that no donation will be used for wages.

What can my donation do?

Every donation counts!

With 5€ we bought 4 boxes for our last project.

With 20€ we bought the necessary writing material for a whole week of sorting during our first project.

With 50€ we bought lunch for our volunteers during the sorting.

How can I donate?

There are 2 ways to donate:

credit card / Paypal or bank transfer.

For both ways you can find the details below.

Credit card / PayPal

Credit card / PayPal: To pay directly with your credit card or your PayPal-account, you need to press the yellow button below. This will transfer you to the homepage of PayPal, which is completely secure. There you can choose whether you want to pay with credit card (bottom left) or with your PayPal-account (top in the middle).

Bank transfer

Bank transfer: If you transfer money via your bank, you can find our details on the right. Furthermore, you can download an empty remittance slip below by pressing the pdf-button. You will need to fill this slip out and bring it to your bank.

Bank details


LU86 0019 4655 8693 3000 


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