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Together For All

Football Tournament

The tournament's objective was to foster friendly relationships residents and refugees and thus combat any potential prejudices that either side might have. That is also why we created mixed teams of residents and refugees so that people get to know each other on the field.

The tournament was a big success. The players were fully satisfied and many of them told us that they would participate again next year. Many players also gifted football jerseys and shoes among each other. The volunteers and visitors too, were enjoying the atmosphere and the food.

We want to thank the football club Alisontia Steesel and the local council of Steinsel, because they made it possible to organise this tournament on their football pitch. Another big thanks has to go to our volunteers and sponsors - Pizza Hut, Brasserie Munhowen, Infopla, SNJ, Axa Agence Zenner and Groupe Manuel Cardoso.

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