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  • How do I sign up to the programme?
    You can sign up via our website on "Register", which will redirect you to the sign-up platform.

  • How does Phase I work?
    The online studies are enabled through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), which are provided by well-known universities (among others: Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, etc.)

  • Are the classes free?
    Classes are free during the first two years in Phase I. When you successfully apply to, you will need to pay the regular tuition fees.

  • How can we offer these classes?
    We have agreed a partnership with Kiron Open Higher Education, who select and bundle suitable online courses that meet all necessary qualification standards for European universities.

  • Do I need a diploma to apply to Kiron?
    No diploma required at the beginning, which gives you time during online studies to get it to apply to the University of Luxembourg for which it is necessary - otherwise it isn't possible to apply to Phase II.

  • Which study tracks are offered by Kiron?
    You can study either of the following study tracks: Business & Economics or Computer Science.

  • Can I get a degree from Kiron?
    Most courses at Kiron award attendance, completion certificates or Kiron Credit Points. However, Kiron doesn't award official university degrees. You can only get a university degree after successfully completing both phases of the programme.

  • What languages do I need?
    Given that Kiron operates on an international level, the vast majority of courses are taught in English.

  • Do I need to take a test to sign up at Kiron?

  • Will I have access to
    Yes, during the first phase of studies with Kiron, you have access to university services (library, cafeteria, copy-room etc.) and to our "study hub".

  • Can I study at Kiron without internet access?
    We have established a "study hub" at the university campus in Esch/Belval with computer access and a good internet connection for participants of the programme. 

  • What happens after Phase I? 
    Students can apply to the partner universities who accept Kiron courses as equivalent. This means that you apply to the university ( in Luxembourg), and if accepted, will start at an advanced stage. The University will analyze each application file individually.

  • Will I automatically transfer to 
    No, being a Kiron student does not automatically give you access to a university. It doesn't guarantee a placement but improves your chances and allows you start at an advanced stage.

  • How can I apply to 
    After successfully completing Phase I of the programme, you need to apply to Association Narin provides assistance to prepare your application.

  • Do I need a diploma to apply to 
    Yes, you need a high school diploma serving as proof that you are eligible for university studies.

How do I sign up?
How does Phase I work?
Are classes free?
How can we offer these classes?


Do I need a diploma for Phase I?
Which study tracks are offered?
Can I get a degree from Kiron?
What languages do I need?
Do I need to take a test?
Will I have access to
Do I need internet access?
What happens after Phase I?
Will I automatically transfer to
How can I apply to
Do I need a diploma for Phase II?
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